Mums: The Most Popular Fall Flower

With so many colors and varieties it is no wonder that mums are the most popular fall flower. You can dress up your yard or the inside of your home with matching flowers that will enhance your décor. There beauty and longevity will attract all kinds of attention and make the neighbors envious. Fall is … Read more

Removing Faded Roses: How and When!

When tending to a garden, proper care and upkeep is necessary for a healthy and beautiful gathering of plants and flowers. Roses are one of the most popular and stunning flowering plants available. However, to ensure plant owners get the most out of these flowering beauties, proper upkeep, regular pruning and deadheading is necessary. Faded … Read more

Colorful Flowers That Grow In Shade

colorful flowers shade

Many people love the way flowers dress up their yards, but feel hopeless to do so because their yards are pretty heavily shaded. Without looking into their options, they opt for a colorless, bland, shaded yard. We have great news, though, for all you who find your homes under the shade of many trees – … Read more

The Most Fragrant Garden Flowers


We plant certain flowers in our gardens and around our yards to experience their glorious beauty. But one of the most enjoyable aspects of many flowers is the sweet aroma they provide. Here are five fragrant garden flowers, aromatic jewels to be enjoyed both in your garden, and cut and placed in vases to enjoy … Read more

When (and How) to Shear Faded Blossoms


Deadheading–or trimming off faded blossoms–prolongs flowering by initiating a second flush of smaller and less numerous blooms. This helps to keep a garden attractive by keeping plants neat and tidy and ensuring maximum bloom time. How and when you remove spent flowers depends on the plant and the type of growth it produces. The following … Read more

Five Steps to Drying Flowers

drying flowers

Do you love the way your home is full of fresh-looking flowers during these summer months? Don’t you wish your house could stay like this even in the winter? Well, technically it can. All you have to do is drying your favorite flowers. It’s easy too. Here are five steps to drying flowers 1. Pick … Read more

How to Find Success with Orchids Indoors

How to grow orchids indoors

When it comes to growing orchids indoors, it’s so important that you follow the golden rule, which is you must mirror the plant’s natural conditions in your home. Besides this, remember that orchids tend to grow onto other objects, even if it’s just bark or stone. Once this is fully understood, you’re well on your way to successfully harvesting … Read more