Five Steps to Drying Flowers

Do you love the way your home is full of fresh-looking flowers during these summer months? Don’t you wish your house could stay like this even in the winter? Well, technically it can. All you have to do is drying your favorite flowers. It’s easy too.

Here are five steps to drying flowers

1. Pick out your flowers

Of course you can dry just about any kind of flower, but why not choose your favorite type? Overall, though, for this project you want to select flowers that are healthy, full and fresh. Those tend to produce the best results, as wilted or unhealthy ones will come across dead when they are dried.  Once you pick out your flowers, remove any and all leaves that are growing on the flower stems. After all, you want them to be smooth until the flower bud.

2. Separate each flower into individual bundles

In order to hang-dry flowers, you must take your blossoms and put them into individual bundles. However, if you are choosing to dry large flowers, like roses, these should be left out of your drying bundles altogether.

3. Tie Up Your Bundles

With a piece of twine, wrap up each of your bundles at the base of the stems, tying it into either a bow or knot. Remember, you want to make sure that the twine is tight so that flowers don’t end up slipping out when hung.

4. Hang the Bundles

Gather up some wall hooks and place them in a cool, dry location around your home where your flowers won’t be disturbed. Then, take your bundles of flowers and hang them by their twine on the hooks. The flowers will end up drying in whatever direction you hand them in, so try to make sure that each of the buds are facing the ground.

5. Leave Your Flowers to Dry

For the next two to four weeks, place your flowers in a spot where they can dry thoroughly. However, if you notice that your flowers are starting to move around during this drying process, just make sure to retie them and hang them back up. When your flowers are all down drying, mist them with an aerosol hairspray, as that will help them maintain their shape.