Colorful Flowers That Grow In Shade

Many people love the way flowers dress up their yards, but feel hopeless to do so because their yards are pretty heavily shaded. Without looking into their options, they opt for a colorless, bland, shaded yard. We have great news, though, for all you who find your homes under the shade of many trees – there are some beautiful, extremely colorful flowers that thrive in the shade!



If you’re itching for some bold, feminine colors and plants that feather, try the Astilbe. These gorgeous, colorful flowers are airy in texture, and come in shades of pink, salmon, lavender, red and white. Blossoming over rich, green, fernlike foliage, the color combinations will cause spectators to rejoice in the beauty and boldness of color. These plants are great for shaded garden pools, on shaded walkway paths, in pots, and simply underneath a covering of thick tree foliage. They need rich, moist soil, so be sure that you water frequently and fertilize regularly, as soil will likely quickly lose its nutrients with these.

Amethyst Flower

Browallia american, blue version. spud Sta Elena
Photo by Dick Culbert via Flickr

You’ll find such an inspiring color in the blue Amethyst flower, that grow best in hanging baskets or containers in places that get warm shade. The flower has a star shaped bloom of a deep blue color, as well as sky blue options, violet, and white. The plant itself grows to be nearly 1-2 feet tall, and the blossoms cover just about the entire thing. No question – if you look in the direction of the blue Amethyst flower, you’ll see a blue before you notice anything else.


colorful flowers shade

The begonia is, without question, one of the best colored flowers to brighten up a shaded area. With warm, vibrant colors that light up any area, you’ll feel like there’s sunshine in the shaded area where they thrive. Begonias also thrive in pots or hanging containers, and come in just about every shade except blue, as that would contradict the heat that this flower brings in its color options.

You have two fantastic options for displaying the plant – placing it up high will cause it to flower profusely and will encourage significantly more blooms; planting it upright will lessen the number of blooms, but blooms in turn nearly triple in size.

A little more high maintenance than the other colorful shaded flowers, begonias require extremely moist, shaded areas with very rich soil. You must water them often enough to keep the soil moist, but not soggy, and you must mist their blooms regularly in order to keep them alive, thriving, and not wilting.

These are only a few of the many colorful flower options that you have for a shaded yard, porch, or walkway. If you just don’t have sun, don’t forgo a beautiful yard – opt for a standing or hanging begonia, some hanging amethyst flowers, and a bed of stunning Astilbe hybrids for a great start to a very beautiful and colorful shaded yard.