Using Your Flowers As Drink Garnish

Edible flowers are still something a lot of people don’t take advantage of when it comes to adding a little something extra to their plates and glasses. And rightfully so if you don’t have a garden, since you can’t be sure of the quality or health of them when buying some from the store. However, if you have a luscious garden that is maintained organically, edible flower cocktails are something you have to try this season, and we’re sure it will be a hit! Here’s a list of flowers you can use that will be safe.

Edible Rose Petals

edible flower cocktails

You can use fragrant rose petals to compliment a gin-infused drink. We particularly like this idea from Hungry Australian.

Edible Hibiscus

Roselle with drink

Not all Hibiscus flowers are edible — this is very important to keep in mind. However, Tyrant Farms has found the Hibiscus sabdariffa is perfectly fine! Since the taste can be overwhelming, try pairing it with a strawberry-infused cocktail.

Edible English Lavender

edible lavender

Again, not all types of lavender are edible. The most common one used in cooking and drinking is dried English Lavender. You can garnish a vodka drink that is infused with lemon and blueberry. The lavender will be an extra wow-factor.