The Best Flowers to Give on a Special Occasion

You would be surprised at what simple things will warm someone’s heart. Just taking the time to hold someone special’s hand or open a door will make you a very memorable person in their life. Going all out for some beautiful flowers means that you really care about, and believe us, the recipient will take notice in your efforts. But what exactly are the best flowers to give on a special occasion? Well, that would depend on who you’re giving them to and the mood you are trying to set. What are you trying to say with those flowers? Do you want to be friends or something more?

Be a friend

The color yellow seems to be the color of friendship, so yellow roses would be a good start. Chrysanthemums are also popular flowers for friends. Personally, yellow roses are my favorite and I would always let the guy know that I loved them, so he would get the hint.

Be a lover

The color of red means love and romance, so the ultimate flower for lovers is the long stem red rose. The white rose means innocent love, and if you want to make her remember you Forget-me-nots mean true love. If you want to be an undercover lover, the pink rose is the one to choose.

Be honorable

To give off that pure and sweet disposition the Lily is the flower for you. Daisies will indicate loyalty and Baby’s breath will exude happiness. If you have been bad and want to say “I’m sorry” get the purple hyacinth. Purple is a royal regal color and is said to boost creativity and give peace, so any purple flower would make a grand statement to the receiver. The darker shades indicate power and the lighter shades of purple glorify femininity. Violets, lilacs, and Irises are good choices for the dear one in your life.

Just because

Show the person you love that they are beautiful with some hibiscus, no matter the color or the occasion. It is well known that Valentine’s Day is the day for red roses, so get ready to show some love. Flowers will always put a smile on someone’s face no matter what time of year it is.