Top 7 Flowers That Grow in the Fall

Bloom blooms everywhere

The fall foliage is such a beautiful sight, and the smell is even better. We always had flowers year-round, because my grandmother had such an amazing green thumb. Her love for flowers just seems to rub off on me. My favorites were always the flowers with the bright yellows and purple colors, but the smell of roses and honeysuckle always made me feel comforted. Here are seven flowers that will do well in the fall season. If nothing else, they can be useful in creating a beautiful yard at your home, or helpful in your own natural herbal healing.

Calendula or Pot Marigold

This flower has a rich gold or rust color and can tolerate a light frost. They even have the ability to seed and reward you with more blooms in the spring. It can repel many insects and it is a great medicinal plant. Having this plant around is good for your health and healing.


These make beautiful lush flower beds and do very well in cool weather. The come in all colors and varieties. Cascadia, supertunia, wave, and surfinia are the most popular types of petunias because they tend to spread out and can be used to create ground covers or trailing on other objects for a wall effect.

American Honeysuckle or Lonicera American

This is a sweet smelling vine plant that can produce yellow flowers accented with red, purple or pink colors. This plant can be planted near fences and create privacy with their thick foliage. The smell alone will soothe your soul.

Perennial Sunflower

This variety of sunflower blooms in early fall. Helianthus: Lemon Queen is a creamy yellow bloom that will add brightness to any garden. Plant this one in plenty of sunlight and watch it grow to at least 8 feet tall.

Red Spider Lily

These grow tall and bright out of the ground. They are sometimes called naked ladies because they are not covered in leaves. The exotic red lilies produce spider-like clusters of stringy flowers that are pretty dramatic. They do well in full sun and can grow to 2 or 3 feet tall.

Anise Hyssop

This plant produces lovely lavender stalks with a nice scent. It will do well during droughts and low water areas. They can grow to 5 feet tall and will take full sun. Its loveliness draws ample hummingbirds and butterflies. Plant this one near your window and enjoy the show. Use the fresh or dried plant to make tea. It has amazing cough suppressant properties and can be used for cooking as well as other medicinal things.


Pansies do very well in cold temperatures and are hardy sturdy plants. They produce red, pink, orange, yellow, white, purple, or blue flowers. Their blooms look like little faces, and they can really liven up any space. They make great borders in the yard, ground covers, and potted plants.