Five Flowers That Thrive in Shady Conditions

Normally when people think of gardens, they automatically picture lots of  sunshine. While yes, many plants require direct contact with the sun to live, there are also many that thrive best in the shade. Check out some of those types of plants below:

1. Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley is a flower that grows best when placed in the shade. For those that have never heard of this type of plant before, it has tiny white flowers that grow from it. The Lily of the Valley also gives off a fragrance in late spring and early summer that will leave you and everyone else nearby completely enchanted.

2. Alpine Forget-Me-Not

When you want to brighten up your garden and bring in some color, you should definitely go with the Alpine Forget-Me-Not flower. That’s because the Alpine Forget-Me-Not features a patch of small azure-blue flowers. They grow best in areas with dry shade, which is often difficult to find. However, once you do find the right location, these plants will truly flourish.

3. Jacob’s Ladder

The Jacob’s Ladder flower is one that is bell-shaped and has purple leaves. However, unlike the other flowers on this list, Jacob’s Ladder can grow in both the shade and the sun. However, for the best results, you should leave it in a spot in your garden where it receives mainly, if not all, shade.

4. Solomon’s Seal

If your garden receives mostly shade, the Solomon’s Seal flower is perfect for you. Its stems are gracefully arched, making the perfect addition to any yard. The Solomon’s Seal also features clusters of tubular white flowers and long, bright green leaves. This flower will bring class to your garden, so just make sure you situate it in an area where it’s covered from the sun.

5. Anemone Blanda Blue

The Anemone Blanda Blue, which is often referred to as the winter wildflower, thrives best when placed in an environment with partial shade.  The flower itself has a purply-blue color, with daisy-like flowers. That means if you choose to have the Anemone Blanda Blue in your garden, you’ll be left with a flower that delivers a festive touch.