Extremely Hardy Perennials For Not-So-Green Thumbs

Not all of us were blessed with a green thumb. Some of us can kill a plant just by glancing at it. But that doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy a gorgeous garden or lush, leafy landscaping in our yards. Fortunately, there are several truly tough perennials that we can’t kill even if we tried! Once you plant these beauties, you won’t need to do much else except appreciate them.


Also known as Tickseed, this vibrant yellow, daisy-like flower has rich green leaves and has a long blooming period from June all the way through September, and has a major benefit. They are disease and pest resistant, as long as you plant them in sun or partial shade. The only care they require is deadheading old flowers which will keep them blooming again and again.

Blazing Star

This fluffy, purple flower grows in tall spikes and can endure any type of climate, from severe heat to frigid cold. They only require watering when temperatures soar. They repel aphids, slugs, and other insects, and will self-seed without replanting.

Bee Balm

This cousin of the mint plant produces an exquisite scent, and because of its nectar-rich flowers and stunning purple-pink blooms are a haven for bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. But they can take over a flower bed so its best to plant them in pots in areas with full sun or a little bit of shade. Other than water during long, dry periods, they need no other attention.


These purple or white flowers truly live up to their name. When planted in the sunshine by a stream, pond or any other area that holds water, they will thrive all by themselves. But even if in a drier environment they will rarely need watering. Expect to see butterflies hanging around these beautiful plants, too.


With flat sprouts of red, yellow, white and pink, this stunning flowering plant maintains its vivid color even should you cut and dry it. When planted in full sunlight to slight shade, expect to see it bloom from summer through the fall. Don’t worry about using good soil, the Yarrow does better in poor soil, which prevents overgrowing, and will survive in either sweltering heat or extreme cold.

Monkey Grass

This plant resembles grass and will grow where nothing else will. Its rugged leaves can reach up to 18 inches and it does well in both shade or sun. Also known as Lilyturf, Monkey Grass needs no care other than the occasional snipping of any tattered leaves at the end of winter. It can also assist in erosion control if you plant it on a slope.

These gorgeous plants may look high-maintenance but are neither delicate or needy. You will be the envy of your neighbors for seasons to come, and not a soul needs to know that your thumbs are really brown. Just plant and enjoy!