Beginner Flowers Anyone Can Grow

Hurray, the season for starting to grow flowers is almost here! Are you looking to decorate your front lawn with some beautiful flower arrangements this year? If you’re just starting out, we decided to suggest some beginner flowers for you to try out. Here they are!


Marigolds are very practical flowers. There are a few varieties of these flowers that range from appearing daisy-like in appearance to double, carnation like flower heads. Marigolds can bloom practically the whole summer and autumn season. These flowers can survive in just about any type of soil they’re placed in. Another bonus is that they act as natural deterrents. Squirrels don’t like their smell, and neither do insects. Marigolds even keep away nematodes, which are microscopic that are harmful to your plants. Even better, marigolds can last up to three years if taken care of properly. They’re a very hardy type of flower, and act as a natural defense for any garden bed.


Sunflowers, you either love them or you hate them. These are another easy flower to grow with the added bonus of their eatable seeds. Generally, all sunflowers truly need is some loose soil. Their root system grows deep, and all they want is generally full sunlight. You will have to make sure any sunflowers you grow have very loose soil to grow in. However, once you meet those few requirements sunflowers are quite easy to take care of. Just be sure to water them once a week around their root system.

Butterfly Weed

This is yet another flower who loves to be in the sun. These flowers are absolutely beautiful to have in your garden. Just like the other two, all you need is some decent soil in order to keep these flowers alive. They are also attractive to butterflies which are any welcome addition to your garden. So if you’re looking to have some colorful visitors this summer, make sure this flower is on your list of flowers to plant in your garden this year.


Do you need another super tough flower to add to your arsenal? If so, these flowers are just perfect for you. They’re the kind where you just have to stop and stare for a few quick moments in order to absorb their beauty. There are many types of Dahlia flowers out there, so finding some you like should be a breeze. They prefer to be planted in shady areas in high heat.

Each of these flowers is beautiful and unique. You don’t need to have a green thumb in order to enjoy having a colorful garden this season. Most of these flowers just require a little bit of attention, love, and water in order to keep them blooming. If you grow to many, you can even clip them in order to have flowers you can bring inside. So you can enjoy all the colors of the rainbow either outside or in your own home. They’re easy to care for, and great for beginner gardeners.