Easy-Care Flower Bed Ideas

Planting flowers and having a plethora of colors surrounding us makes us feel good and happy. The energy we expend planting and caring for our plants come back to us tenfold in the enjoyment we reap from the colorful array of plant life they display. However, some of us have greener thumbs than others. What can you do when you want a colorful display of flowers in your yard, but you don’t feel up to the task of planting and growing the flowers yourself? Check out these easy-care flower beds that don’t require a lot of work and maintenance, but can give you all the satisfaction you are seeking from a pretty display of flowers.

Pea Gravel and Flower Pots

The absolute easiest flower bed to create combines pea gravel and flower pots. Use landscaping fabric as a base to stunt weed growth and lay pea gravel in your flower bed about one inch thick. Then use various sizes of flower pots and lawn decorations to fill up the flower bed. Garden well-established plants from your local nursery in the flower pots.

This allows you to get healthy plants that are already mature, and they look good the moment you pop them in. Use a potting soil that has an added plant food for great growth and lovely blooms. The beauty of this flower bed is that if one or more plants don’t flourish, they are easy to replace. You can also customize where the plants go and you can control the amount of sun and shade they get. You can be creative with bricks and other objects to lift up pots and have an amazing design that fits your style.


For shady areas where you never thought anything colorful would grow, plant a variety of Hosta plants. They come in all sizes and colors. With careful planning you can design a flower bed of just Hostas that love shade and bloom in mid to late summer, giving color and richness to your garden when many other annuals are beginning to fade. A good companion to these hardy plants is the Astilbe plant. They grow well with Hostas and provide a nice contrast in texture with their lacelike leaves.

Brown Eyed Susan and Aster

Brown Eyed Susans and Asters are a great little flower combination that will bloom from early summer through the fall, giving you a summer full of beautiful color. These two golden-hued plants pair up to grow an amazing flower bed. The Brown Eyed Susan is a long stem flower that is great for making bouquets throughout the season. Because these flowers are indigenous to the central and eastern part of America, they do very well in hot, dry areas. It’s hard to kill these beauties even if you forget to water them for several days.

These three easy care flower beds will provide you with beautiful variety and color to last the summer long while providing a worry free environment in which you don’t have to fret over forgetting to water the plants or if you are going to kill the pretty flowers.