Creating a Mother’s Day Centerpiece With Flowers From Your Garden

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and a lovely way to honor your mom is with a stunning and personalized centerpiece made with flowers from your garden. Whether you are gathering to celebrate with a fancy brunch, a formal dinner, or just a casual afternoon barbecue? Your Mom will love sitting at a table that showcases a dramatic centerpiece made with gorgeous garden flowers and accented with personalized items that reflect her interests. Does she love the beach? Is she a collector of antiques? Does she enjoy cooking or nature? The following visually-interesting centerpieces are inspired by various hobbies, and there is sure to be one here your mom will enjoy long after her special day is over.

“The Beach-Lover Mom”

For the Mom who adores the ocean, a large conch shell, either one found on a beach vacation or purchased in a craft store, makes a gorgeous vase. Simply fill the center of the shell with florist’s foam, and then push in shortened flower stems. Because the shell lays sideways on the table, use blooms that are easy to “spray.” Good choices are lilac, poppies and the coreopsis “Mango Punch.”

“The Bird Lover Mom”

For the birdwatching mother, this centerpiece expresses her appreciation for our feathered friends. To make the nest vase, just wire a wreath to the top of round twig basket and fill with wet florist foam and some moss. Arrange with ferns and pastel flowers, such as baby roses, which mimic bird’s eggs.

“The Antique Collector Mom”

For the mom who loves antiques, an old wooden serving tray holding several antique drinking glasses make a handsome centerpiece. Fill each glass with a few blue Forget-Me-Nots, or sprays of cut lavender. After the celebration, Mom has a treasured gift to add to her collection.

“The Cook Mom”

For the Mom who is always found in the kitchen, use a lime-green or vibrant yellow colander as a vase. Fill it with a variety of green, red and white flowers of all sizes, and accent with large clusters of fresh broccoli and cauliflower to create a lush, full bouquet. So pretty!

“The Photographer Mom”

For the Mom who documents life, and who adores family pictures, a centerpiece that combines her love of flowers and photographs will quickly become its own picture for the family album. You will need a tall clear vase, or several of varying heights if you prefer the cluster effect, and lots of pictures. Create a collage on the outside of the vase by attaching the photos with either a glue gun or double-stick tape. Then simply fill with stalks of cheery sunflowers and you have a personalized, dramatic centerpiece any mother will love.

The ideas for Mother’s Day centerpieces are endless. With a little imagination, effort, and pretty flowers from your garden, you can create a centerpiece your beloved mother will appreciate and talk about for years to come.