Three Steps to Growing Your Own Lilies


When we think of the spring, lilies automatically come to mind. Who doesn’t love this type of flower? It produces a beautiful, colorful bloom every year, all while delivering a fantastic aroma. That’s why when you’re looking for a flower to plant this summer, lilies are the obvious choice. Check out our steps below for … Read more

Harvesting Flowers for Indoor Display


Having flowers in the yard or garden liven up and beautify any home. Fresh cut flowers harvested from the outdoors and placed on a table can bring the beauty inside, as well. Natural arrangements bring with them an organic elegance any gardener can enjoy. Several factors affect the longevity of fresh flowers once they have … Read more

Beginner Flowers Anyone Can Grow

easy grow flowers

Hurray, the season for starting to grow flowers is almost here! Are you looking to decorate your front lawn with some beautiful flower arrangements this year? If you’re just starting out, we decided to suggest some beginner flowers for you to try out. Here they are! Marigolds Marigolds are very practical flowers. There are a … Read more

How to Store Dahlia Bulbs

dahlia bulb

For those who don’t know what a dahlia is, it is a flowering plant that derives from a tuberous bulb. While gardeners tend to love to plant these items, because of the beautiful blossom they create, dahlia bulbs don’t often make it through the colder months. Thankfully, though, there are ways you can store dahlia bulbs over … Read more