November Conundrums: Is It Too Late to Plant Bulbs?

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It’s officially November. Does that mean it’s too late to plant bulbs in your garden? The answer to this question is, “It depends.” Growing Depends on the Temperature What it depends on are the average nighttime temperatures in your area. The best chance of success with spring-flowering bulbs is to plant them about six weeks … Read more

The Best Bulbs To Plant Right Now

fall planting bulbs

Before the first freeze Sometimes it’s hard to imagine months ahead what we want our spring garden and yard to look like. Yet, now is the time to start thinking about planting new bulbs for next spring. You must plant the spring-blooming bulbs several weeks before the first freeze. If you live in the south, … Read more

How to Plant Gladiolus Bulbs for Continuous Blooms

Gladiolus is a beautiful half-hardy flower that grows well in warm weather–in fact, just about the kind we’re having now. The name derives from the Latin word gladius, meaning “sword”. The spiked petals give it a distinct shape and the flowers come in a wide variety of vibrant colors, making for a spectacular view in … Read more

Meeting the Needs of Your Fall Blooming Perennials

fall gardening perennials

Meeting the fertilizer needs of your fall blooming perennials doesn’t have to be a mystery. There is a right way to do it that will produce healthy, full blooms and keep your plants thriving all through the growing season. Since perennials grow from an established, hearty root system and remain in the ground all year … Read more

How to Rid Your Garden of Tulip Blooms


If you’ve planted tulips in your home garden, you may be imagining a yard full of beautiful tulip blooms this year. Tulips certainly produce beautiful blossoms, but they can also pose a few headaches after those blooms wither. To keep your garden healthy, you’ll have to put in some work to remove the blooms and … Read more

5 Best Flowers for a Spring Garden


Flowers are the epitome of spring. As the days get longer and warmer, gardens everywhere become lush with glorious color, texture, and fragrance. Flower gardens in bloom are the surest indicator that a long, cold winter is finally over, and the vitality of a new season has begun. The following is a list of five … Read more

How To Crystallize Flowers Like The Victorians

crystallized flowers

Many people are aware of the old Victorian tradition of hosting high tea-parties and elegant afternoon events. Did you know that one of the highlights of these events was crystallized flowers? These flowers provided beautiful décor and tasted amazing, making them a one-two punch at events. Because they’ll last up to a whole year, most … Read more

The Best Flowers to Give on a Special Occasion

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You would be surprised at what simple things will warm someone’s heart. Just taking the time to hold someone special’s hand or open a door will make you a very memorable person in their life. Going all out for some beautiful flowers means that you really care about, and believe us, the recipient will take notice … Read more

Top 7 Flowers That Grow in the Fall

Bloom blooms everywhere The fall foliage is such a beautiful sight, and the smell is even better. We always had flowers year-round, because my grandmother had such an amazing green thumb. Her love for flowers just seems to rub off on me. My favorites were always the flowers with the bright yellows and purple colors, … Read more