Fabulous Flowers That Thrive In Shade

Forget me not flowers

If you want a gorgeous garden but your yard doesn’t get a lot of natural sunlight, don’t be disappointed! You will be happy to know that there are several different plants and flowers that grow very well in very little sunshine and even in blankets of shade. In fact, you may be surprised to learn … Read more

Using Your Flowers As Drink Garnish

edible flowers cocktails

Edible flowers are still something a lot of people don’t take advantage of when it comes to adding a little something extra to their plates and glasses. And rightfully so if you don’t have a garden, since you can’t be sure of the quality or health of them when buying some from the store. However, … Read more

How to Successfully Transplant Your Flowers and Plants

transplant flowers and plants

Many gardeners, both the experienced and the beginner, have watched their flowers, plants, shrubs and trees die soon after transplanting. This is due to “transplant shock,” and it is a common occurrence when the proper transplanting techniques are not followed. Plants experience some degree of trauma when moved, caused by damage to the roots during … Read more