5 Best Flowers for a Spring Garden

Flowers are the epitome of spring. As the days get longer and warmer, gardens everywhere become lush with glorious color, texture, and fragrance. Flower gardens in bloom are the surest indicator that a long, cold winter is finally over, and the vitality of a new season has begun. The following is a list of five of the best flowers for your spring garden, window boxes or planters. The most common spring flowers, such as the daffodil, tulip, and crocus are well-known, but these flowers may be some you haven’t considered, and should you add them to your flower collection, you will be rewarded with incredible beauty.

1. The “Harmony Iris”

This dwarf wild iris is a rich deep purple or blue with brilliant yellow stripes emerging from its center, which contrasts beautifully with any pastel flowers that you may have in your garden. This bloom is a strong spreader, eventually creating a carpet effect of bright blue. The iris thrives best in full sunlight and requires its soil to remain moist.

2. The “Snowdrop Anemone”

This cheerful flower, which grows in clusters, has soft white petals with yellow button centers and also will bloom again for you in the early fall. This delicate looking flower grows well in sunny areas but also does well in gardens that are partly shaded.

3. The “Pansy”

This gorgeous flower is a hardy annual and adds a splash of color to any garden. With its overlapping petals and markings that often resemble faces, these flowers come in a variety of colors, including pink, blue, purple and yellow. Pansies do well in both sunlight and shade.

4. The “Sunflower”

These vibrant, towering blooms can grow anywhere from five to 12 feet tall and are the focal point of any front yard. Sunflowers derive their name from their sun-like shape and image, and their heads are made up of lots of individual flowers that will mature into hundreds of edible seeds. They survive best in full sunlight.

5. The “Granny’s Bonnet”

This unique flower, also known as Aquilegia, is a hummingbird favorite. The blooms are elegant single or double flowers and show in a variety of colors such as orange purple, red, blue and yellow. They are very easy to care for as they adapt to a variety of conditions. They grow best in partial shade and will add intense color to your garden through June.

Spring flowers are a welcome sight and a sure sign that the dreariness of winter has come to an end. Many spring flowers can be cut and added to a vase. Bringing the outdoors into your home or workplace, to be enjoyed again and again.